Hey.  How you doin’?

My name is Chasette and I used to be internet savvy.  I declared myself a writer in the first grade and have decided to finally put my money where my mouth is… was?  And not my money because: broke, and not my mouth because: typing, but you get the drift.

And if you don’t, well, this is going to be a very confusing and uncomfortable blog for you. I apologize.

I love consuming media meant for the masses:  books, movies, comic books, television shows, video games.  I also love consuming things made for consumption:  pastas, spicy food, carb-y food, sweet food, BOBA.  In addition to random reviews, I also write about living with my addiction, my mental illness, and my amazing family (which consists of a sexy nerd husband, four brilliant kids, and sixty thousand pounds of LEGO’s).

I am on Instagram and I used to be on Twitter, back when it was cool.  I just found out I was picked as a QuipTweet? In 2013?  So I’m basically famous?

I write books.  Allegedly.

Leave a comment, get in touch!  Just don’t talk to me in real life:  I’m a nervous giggler and it sucks for everyone.