That Time I Accidentally Walked 5 Miles

So Monday, I went on an adventure.  Like all good adventures, it was ill-planned, unintentional, and utterly embarrassing.  Oh, wait.  I mean, “like no good adventures.”

I was a lucky American worker last week and had both Thursday, July 4, and Friday, July 5, off of work.  Which made Monday even harder to stomach, but I spent the morning in a remarkably delighted mood.  I cruised the internet for old yearbook pictures of my husband, which I’m pretty sure is the true reason for a two week free trial at  I was not disappointed, by the way.  He was as much a cutie patoot then as he is a babe now.

After a lovely, energetic morning, I decide to go for a stroll over lunch.  There’s a nice paved area across the street from my current work and I’ve sometimes paced back and forth along that side of the block, usually while chatting with my mom or said hus-babe.

“Bah,” says Monday Lunch Hour Me, “back and forth is boring.  I know. I’ll just keep walking around the corner of the block and then come back.  Same amount of walking, less repeated scenery.  I’m a genius.” Continue reading “That Time I Accidentally Walked 5 Miles”